Are All Sports Goggles the Same?

November 14, 2018

We recently had a discussion with a customer about why our sports goggles products are more expensive than somewhere like Zenni Optical.  These are a few things you know when you see a big price gap in sports eyewear.

First, we only recommend that any eyewear used for ball sports be rated with the ASTM F803 standard. This is the US safety standard for impact.  Basically glasses that meet this requirement are tested on a dummy head with high velocity small balls being shot at it from various angles to make sure that the frames hold up.  Lenses are also required to be a made of a high impact material (polycarbonate or trivex) AND be a minimum thickness over other eyeglasses made with these materials. This again is to make sure they can hold up not just for everyday use but for high velocity balls being shot at them.

If you order from any of these discount places online where the glasses are being shipped from overseas, they will most likely not meet any of the US safety standards.  You want to make sure the eyewear you are ordering for sports have the ASTM safety standard stamped on that frame and that lenses meet the US guidelines for impact/safety for sports use.  Many leagues now are also requiring glasses meet the ASTM safety standard. Thus, if you got the discount route, you might not be saving any money when you find out your league will not allow you to wear the eyewear you purchased because they do not meet the US safety standards for sports.

Also having your prescription 100% accurate is another issue with these discount eyewear places.  A recent survey by American Optometric Association (AOA) showed out of 200 eyeglass orders placed at the top 10 discount online stores, only 154 actually showed up. This means you run the risk of never receiving an order when placed with these kind of online eyewear stores.   Of those 154, nearly half (44.8%) had the incorrect prescriptions.  While your eyes may adjust to this in a regular pair of glasses, not having sharp vision in a pair of sports glasses can hurt your game.  Precise vision is imperative in most sports.  For fast moving ball sports, having your prescription off one degree could mean the difference in you hitting the ball and missing the ball. If you can see the ball a fraction of a second sooner, your reaction time on the ball will be better, and thus your performance will be better. This is why it is important for the prescription to be 100% accurate.

Even with the US standards,  the prescription can still be off a certain percentage and still be within “tolerance”  (meaning they eye can “tolerate” the difference).  With glasses made overseas, there will be no standard at all and the prescription doesn’t have to be even close.  But just because the glasses are made in the US, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be accurate either.  The US standard does say it can be a little off.  This is why you will still see inaccuracies in prescriptions made with US based eyewear companies especially in the places that turn over eyewear in 24 hours or less.  They can make them so fast because they take what is close to the prescription and not custom make the glasses for you. Again, having the prescription slightly off will reduce your reaction time, and thus reduce your overall sports performance.

We have a zero tolerance policy on our prescriptions. We don’t go with the government tolerance.  If a prescription is not 100% accurate, we reject it and don’t ship it to you.  This is why it may take a little longer sometimes. If the prescription is not exact, they have to start all over again resetting the timeline for fabrication.

Warranties are another thing to consider. Most of the sports eyewear we sell have lifetime warranties on the frame. They can do this because they know that the frames will hold up over time.  With low end glasses, you may have to replace them yearly because the quality is not there.  So over time, they can cost you more.  We have been in business for 22 years. We have customers who still have the frames they purchased from us 20 years ago and just send them back over and over to the the prescription updated in them.  Buying a quality frame means it will last you a lifetime.

Some brands like Liberty Sport also extend their lifetime warranty to the lenses (against scratching, coatings peeling, etc.) . Their warranty also include theft and loss!  This is a great thing for younger kids who tend to lose their sports goggles. If they lose them, they will replace them for you, frame and lenses complete.

All in all you are paying a little bit more, but you are getting a high quality product that you know is safe to use and will allow you to perform at your best.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach out to us.  888-223-2669 or at



Why Golf is a Great Way to Exercise

October 25, 2018

backdrop_0149For the fourth time in the past 120 years, golf is going to be included in the Olympics in 2020. Though it may not be considered a physically demanding sport, golf actually offers many health benefits, making it a great form of exercise.

Golf can help you stay in shape.

A player usually walks around 5 to 8 miles in a game of golf, burning at least 900 calories. According to a study, a male golfer burns around 2,500 kCal during an 18-hole round, and female players burn roughly 1,500 kCal. Keeping a brisk pace going from hole to hole resembles a good cardio workout, and the walk from the last hole back to the clubhouse is usually a mile long. While golf may not be an intense workout, playing the game a few times a week can help you lose some weight.

Golf can quickly achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week to keep you healthy. An 18-hole round easily exceeds the recommended number of steps per day to lose weight (10,000), especially when you walk instead of using a golf cart. Not only does it keep you active, but golf also lowers your cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease, and based on research, can prolong your life. Research conducted in Sweden found that golfers have a 40 percent lower death rate, which corresponds to a 5-year increase in life expectancy.

Golf can help improve your sleep.

Breathing fresh air and burning calories are two powerful factors for a good night’s sleep. Walking the course is a good workout, and regular exercise such as walking helps you sleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for longer periods of time. As an outdoor sport, golf soaks up its players to a considerable amount of sun, which is one of the best ways to get vitamin D, something that is absent from a regular diet. This vitamin is essential for a number of reasons that include better calcium absorption, promotion of cell growth, increased energy levels, and improved attitude. Since golfers absorb a lot of vitamin D from the sun, their overall well-being improves, which helps them sleep better.

Chronic obstructive sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that is more common as people age. It increases the risk for cardiac arrest, hypertension, and death. A study found that golf seems to require exactly the skills that treatment for sleep apnea improves. These skills include memory, decision making, anger management, calculation, hand-eye coordination, and other cognitive skills.

Golf is good for your brain.

Not only does golf challenge your physical skill, but also your ability to stay calm and focused. As a result, golf is a great way to boost your brain power. It helps you to have increased blood flow as your body is always in motion. By keeping active, you ensure your brain has a good supply of blood, which is essential to help it function better.

Golf is also known as a game that requires excellent coordination. It needs you to have great hand-eye coordination, precision strokes, and balance, all of which utilize your cerebellum, a part of your brain that regulates coordination.

This game allows you to strategize to get the ball into the hole. Not only does it require the use of geometry, but it also allows you to analyze the environmental conditions and your strength. Altogether, these exercises are a great left brain workout.

As a social activity, golf allows you to interact with others, which has been proven to improve self-esteem and happiness. Playing golf to socialize can help lift depression, improve one’s outlook on life, and grow one’s social network. Also, friendships made on the golf course can last a lifetime. These attributes play an important role in having good mental health by giving us the feeling of acceptance and satisfaction.

Golf has a low injury risk.

Compared to other sports, especially the contact ones, golf is much safer. While it is a game that requires some physical activity, its main features include strategy, coordination, and accuracy. Golf is recommended for players of all ages in terms of safety, but it still provides some physical movement to keep the muscles engaged. It is ideal for people who still want to play a game despite having trouble with joints, disease, and other aging problems. Now is a great time to order your prescription golf glasses.

Fun Things to Do with Your Family in the Fall

October 18, 2018

Young runners sitting on bench and relaxing after jogging.Summer is about to end. But don’t get bummed out just yet! Just because fall is right around the corner doesn’t mean that the good times are gone. Here are some ideas to keep your family cheerful and pumped this autumn.

Enjoy the beauty of nature.

Fall is the favorite season of many, and for a number of good reasons. Typically, the leaves from the trees and plants beginning to change into kaleidoscopic works of art and just fall off the ground. While spring is very green, summer is sweltering, and the winter is frigid, the fall, on the other hand, is full of picturesque colors.

Autumn also offers perfect weather. With cooler temperatures coming in, bidding goodbye to summer shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. It’s the ideal time to unleash the jackets, coats, boots, and hats to prep yourself for the change of seasons.

With the right outfit on, you can bring out your family into the wild as the scenery begins to redesign. Going for a walk is a great way to help your children to be away from their busy, digital world and get in touch with the real world around them.

Go to a familiar outdoor spot such as a park and collect items such as fallen leaves and create an album of the stuff that you run into on your walk.

Visit a farm.

Fall is the perfect time of the year to visit a farm and pick fruits right off the trees. There are farms that are open to the public in the fall and will let you pick fruits and fill a basket to the brim.

If you’re eager to start decorating your home for the Halloween, you might find some local farms selling their first harvest in late August or early September. Many farms would have fruits and vegetables, including pumpkins ready for your picking even before the change of seasons.

Your children might also enjoy apple picking, hayrides, and corn mazes, which can easily become a family tradition. The good thing about mazes is that they cater to all ages of the family, from little kids all the way up to grannies can come together and have a great time as a family.

Also, many farms also offer baked goods right on their site. After your family has finished picking fruits and vegetables, riding hays, and playing mazes, you could go into the shop and try out fresh apple juice or freshly baked pies and turnovers. This experience will allow your kids to discover both the challenge and joy of picking farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Start a pick-up game.

Fall is perfect to play less formal games. Studies show that these types of games are a great way for young players to grow and develop skills while enjoying the game with less pressure compared to a formal setting. Start a game with minimal structure, but make sure that there will be referees or coaches available to officiate the game. If your family won’t be enough to fill the rosters, invite neighbors to play with you.

Go on a camping trip.

We’re sure you can find a hidden paradise somewhere near your own home, so why not plan a weekend or a day trip to a spot that is a little far?

When the seasons change, the scenery, camping grounds, and national parks can easily become the perfect background for your candid family photos. Your shots can simply turn out to be Instagram worthy because of the various colors and the fun that can be seen in your faces.

Your kids will love the idea of cooking hotdogs and s’mores over the campfire. This is a great time to disconnect from social media, so ask everyone to get unplugged from their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

If you’re on the more adventurous side, there are parks that offer activities that your family can enjoy such as kayaking, boating, hiking, zip lining, or fishing. This is also a great opportunity to let your kids climb a tree since they gradually lose their leaves and bare their branches, they’re like pleading to be climbed. Those falling leaves can be collected and be added to a craft-making project. Don’t forget to protect your eyes while enjoying the outdoors. We carry prescription sunglasses for the entire family.

Bolle Python Prescription Sunglasses

October 14, 2018

So many colors so little time! The Bolle Python Prescription sunglasses come in so many colors you won’t know which one to choose, so why not buy a few pairs.  They are perfect for those who love the outdoors!


Panoptx Cody Prescription Sunglasses

October 13, 2018

These total wrap around glasses will fit under your helmet. Our Cody prescription sunglasses by Panoptx are perfect for the athlete or just for those that enjoy the outdoors.


Panoptx Jordan Sunglasses

October 12, 2018

Now you can protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays and look good.  The 7Eye  by Panoptx Jordan Prescription Sunglasses cand protect your eyes and they look fantastic too.  The sun and wind can cause damage to your eyes all year long, so order your prescription glasses right away!

Why is it Important to Have Your Children’s Eyesight Checked Yearly

October 11, 2018

Boy Student Laughing In ClassSame as you, your children’s eyes are their most highly developed sensory organs. As a matter of fact, a larger part of the brain is dedicated to vision than the other senses combined. Sight and vision help your children connect with their surroundings, keep them safe, and help maintain the sharpness of their minds. According to a study, 80 percent of what a child is going to learn during their school year is through the eyes.

While most parents take their kid’s eyesight for granted, yet when vision problems occur, they would do everything in their power to restore their eyesight back to normal.

The American Optometric Association estimates that 20 percent of preschool children have vision problems. Also, kids nowadays spend a considerable amount of time using computers and other digital devices at a much younger age than in the past. The digital screens of these modern devices tend to be more visually demanding than traditional books and other printed materials.
The Importance of Your Kids’ First Eye Exam

Early eye exams are not just about vision. During the first few months of life, a child’s vision is always changing. First, they can only focus on close-up objects, and they see only high contrast colors such as black, white, and red. At six months, visual intelligence sharpens. During this stage, it is important that babies should have their vision checked by an eye doctor to ensure that their eyes are developing properly and work together. Otherwise, one or both eyes may be affected, which could lead to a lifetime of poor vision.

Early Detections in an Eye Exam

Most parents schedule their kids for dental checkups and doctor’s appointments when they’re sick. However, a majority of parents tend to neglect their kids’ eyesight. About 24 percent of parents wait for their kids to have symptoms before taking them to an eye doctor. Only 40 percent of parents feel that an eye exam is the main part of a child’s healthy annual checkup schedule. Experts estimate that about 5 to 10 percent of preschoolers and 25 percent of grade school children have eye problems.

An annual comprehensive exam on your kid’s eyes can help detect issues before they even become a problem. Conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can be easily detected and remedied with prescription glasses. An eye doctor can identify amblyopia, a condition commonly called “lazy eye.”
The treatment includes a corrective eye patch on the normal eye, so it forces the weaker eye to work harder and improve. Early recognition of a child’s eye problems is important. If neglected, they can cause a permanent vision loss.

Also, an eye doctor can also detect vision issues, which can be mistaken for learning disabilities. Looking inside the eye reveals a person’s overall health, regardless of the age.

Understanding Vision-Related Problems

Compared to adults who have the knowledge and communication skills, kids don’t always realize what normal vision looks like. This explains why they are unlikely to complain about vision issues. Just as previously stated, vision is directly linked to a child’s learning process. Failure to detect vision issues at an early stage can result in learning deficiencies and problems at school.

Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Having a short attention span, such as turning away from tasks that require the use of their eyes for a long period of time
Avoiding reading and other similar activities
Turning their head to the side of look at something in front of them, which can be a sign of astigmatism
Losing their place when reading, either out loud or alone
Peeking and rubbing their eyes frequently

Recommended Kids’ Annual Eye Checkup

Since kids are always growing, which means that eye problems can develop if not detected soon enough. The good news is that there is no minimum recommended age to start wearing glasses. The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that for a child between one and two years old, glasses are generally recommended if the nearsightedness is more than -4.00 and farsightedness is more than +5.00 or if the astigmatism is greater than 2.50. That means an eye doctor will be able to determine whether or not your child needs prescription glasses.

7Eye by Panoptx Leveche Prescription Sunglasses

October 11, 2018

Don’t you just love when form and function come together?  The Leveche Prescription Sunglasses do just that. These great looking sunglasses are fashion-forward and yet they offer wind blockage and protect your eyes from harmful rays, and you look fabulous.

Reasons Why We Love the Game of Golf

October 4, 2018

backdrop_0065Many non-golfers shy away from the game of golf, thinking that it is something that only the rich can afford. While that may be true in the past, the game is slowly becoming more accessible to more and more people, regardless of their financial status. Here are a few reasons why we love this game:

It’s a great hobby.

A hobby is something that we enjoy doing. It gives us something fun to do during our leisure time and lets us learn new skills. Hobbies help to relieve stress by keeping you engaged in something you enjoy. They let you relax and seek satisfaction in activities that don’t really involve work, chores or other responsibilities. As a hobby, golf can help you become more patient, get rid of boredom, expand your social life and create a real bond with others.

It is a good business tool.

With today’s busy schedules, most of us are fortunate to get five minutes with our company CEOs or valued customers. However, by playing golf together, you can spend four quality hours with them that allows for wide-ranging conversations and mutual interests.

It is played in a calm environment.

The first thing that usually pops into people’s mind when they think of golf is probably a quiet golf course that displays the beauty of nature. While that is true, not all golf courses look the same. On the contrary, each holds a genuinely unique natural ambiance. Every course has an identity that is connected to the natural beauty of the local area that allows golfers to appreciate it while enjoying the game of golf.

It can teach you life lessons.

Honesty is one of the more important traits you can learn from playing golf. Unlike other sports that have people officiating the entire game, golf allows you to become your own rules and official. There isn’t someone scrutinizing your every shot. Unless you’re playing on a televised game, the only people watching you are your playing partners. You will learn the basic rules early, and everyone will expect you to follow them when you’re playing. Some golfers even had to call penalties on themselves for the simple reasons that rules are rules, and to be the best, one has to play the game the right way.

Golf is known for its unwritten set of rules, and it teaches you good manners and mutual admiration, which golfers should be very proud of. In addition to honesty, golf can also teach you respect. By playing this game, you learn how to not only respect your self but others as well. Not stepping in someone else’s line and being quiet while someone else is hitting, waiting for your turn, fixing your ball marks, and avoiding tee boxes and greens when driving a cart are just some of the courtesies you learn while playing golf.

It improves your focus.

If you want to improve in the fame of golf, you must learn how to focus on individual tasks. Multi-tasking won’t be much of a help in this game. Golf takes a considerable amount of mental and emotional concentration for 18 holes. This is an important skill you need to develop to improve as a golfer. Focusing on your goals or keeping your attention on a specific task regardless of how long it takes is definitely a positive skill.

It allows you to eat and drink while you play.

Unlike many other sports, you can walk down the fairway eating whatever you want while playing golf. The same goes for beverages. You can grab your favorite drink while waiting for your turn and planning on your next shot. Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s an ongoing pursuit.

Golf is a lifelong sport that you can play even into our 80’s. Not only does it keep you active, but it also strengthens your core. It is more than just a sport. It is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. As far as skills are concerned, there’s always room for improvement in this game. Regardless of your profession or vacation, you can always get better as long as you continue to work and grow to become the best golfer you can be. Make sure you order your prescription golf glasses today.

Fun Fall Outdoor Activities

September 27, 2018

Autumn. Fall scene. Beautiful Autumnal park. Beauty nature sceneWhile there are some, who are unhappy that summer is almost up, but there’s no reason to be blue since the fall season is almost here! Before the days get shorter and the leaves begin to change, check out these enjoyable outdoor recreational activities you can try out this autumn.

Have Fun Mountain Biking

It is true that you can use mountain bike at any time of the year (except for the bone-chilling days of winter). Having said that, autumn is one of the best seasons for mountain biking. There’s something about the brisk air, and bright orange, yellow, and red leaves all around that makes biking during the fall so great. Hitting the trails on a bright, sunny day after a rainy day or night before is a great time to go for a ride. If you’re serious about sharpening your biking skills, autumn is one of the premier times of the year to gear up and hit the tracks. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure, your brakes and to put on a helmet. Take an ample amount of water and snack or a bar of chocolate to keep you energized. Don’t forget that we carry prescription cycling glasses.

Go Nuts with Pumpkins

Fall is synonymous with one thing: pumpkin season! You will find whole pumpkins everywhere, whether you want to go pick your own or just buy one from the store. Many pumpkin patches offer fall festivals on autumn weekends where they’ll let you handpick your own pumpkins, or just pick your own right out of the plot. If you aren’t satisfied with the way your pumpkin looks, you can decorate it any way you want. For those who want to get creative but don’t want to get messy, you can decorate your pumpkins with acrylic paint. If you’re feeling extra imaginative, embellish your pumpkins with props and turn them into people figures with hats and similar accessories.

Try Fall Photography

The surroundings during fall are an excellent backdrop for photos. Bright multi-colored leaves, clear sunny days, and creative pumpkins are just some of the beautiful subjects you can capture. The first and last hours of sun during the day have a dazzling quality to the light that makes great photos. Also, don’t forget to take those selfies with mesmerizing fall backgrounds, which can be an instant hit on Instagram.

Go for a Hike

Just like fall is one of the best times of the year to go mountain biking, it is also the perfect season to hike. The mild temperature and falling leaves during autumn are great reasons to stroll in the wilderness. Also, the clean, crisp air that highlights this season makes any hike much more enjoyable. Since most people are back to work and kids are back to school, it means the crowded summer trails are now all yours to take. With the multitudes no longer around, you can thoroughly enjoy the peace and serenity of the great outdoors.

Take Part in State and National Park Events

If you reside near a state or national park — or can take a day trip to one, you are welcome to experience all kinds of fun events that will increase your level of enjoyment of the season. These events are geared toward helping people better connect with and explore the great outdoors. Before participating in any event, be sure to plan ahead. Select a particular park or state by browsing the National Events Park Calendar to see what’s coming up in your area. This is a perfect time to check out a national park or a historical sight nearby, so go out and have fun!

Run a Race

The ideal temperature during the fall is excellent for running. The air is cooler and usually much dryer, making your run more comfortable and you’ll have a less likelihood of suffering from rapid dehydration. Also, the breathtaking views make you forget how long you have been running already and help you feel fresh for longer periods of time. Running during the fall is also great to be social. Take your friends with you and have a healthier version of hanging out. And don’t forget to put on the right amount of sunscreen as the sun can still get pretty bright during the fall.